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I thought I would put a link up to the newest bridal website in Perth, Blush Bridal. They seem to still be populating it with information, so keep checking. They will be publishing a Bridal Magazine around the middle of the year. I am advertising in both…. check out my new banner ad if you have a chance.


... the new Blush Bridal website ... v exciting! ;)
... the new Blush Bridal website ... v exciting! ;)



To my bride whose forehead got chopped off in the little photo, as Bart would say, “I didn’t do it!” We’ll see if I can get them to use the thumbnail I provided which supplied the full forehead! ;)

I’m working on some more blogs, so don’t change that Batchannel… there’s more excitement to come!

I hope everyone is staying cool.. and having fun…

Until soon.


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