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waking up feeling inspired

wedding season begins in perth…

I grew up loving Bugs Bunny, it was my Saturday morning ritual! One of my favourite episodes was the one where Elmer Fudd was so excited because it was officially duck season, but Daffy kept convincing him that it was rabbit season. Bugs and Daffy went back and forth until poor old Elmer was so confused that he yells out, “What season is it???” Bugs Bunny comes out with a bat and ball and says, “it’s baseball season!!!”

Baseball has always been my favourite sport, and the smell of spring in bloom, the temperatures creeping up and the days getting longer always inspired me. Baseball season and Spring were one in me, they lead to Summer, and I’m a summertime girl! (I was born just hours before the first day of Summer and I’m convinced it was so I could get every last minute of it!)

Since moving to Australia I haven’t had the same thing since the seasons are reversed from where I grew up (the U.S. if you haven’t worked that one out yet, my Pickup Truck gives it away. I’m told my accent does too!) I’ve missed having something build that excitement in me. Until this morning!

I woke up this morning and started thinking about the wedding I have to photograph tomorrow, a gorgeous couple who are so excited to have me as their photographer. We met this week and talked about the photos we would be taking. There it was, Summer is on its way!

I am so excited about this wedding season, I have the best clients and very unique and fun weddings to photograph. It’s going to be great!

So, if someone asks you what season it is get excited because… it’s WEDDING season!!! ;)


An update on the boys (furry boys)…

BooBoo is getting so big, it’s ridiculous! He’s doing so well though and is learning lots of commands. He’s walked with us off-lead and with verbals commands since we got him, and that is quite an achievement. Needless to say, he’s adored by us!

Yogi has had a rough time but seems to be getting better. He’s our “special needs” dog as he suffers from severe epilepsy. He had a huge setback about 2 weeks ago and it wasn’t looking good. But, we have awesome vets and they worked out a new plan and he seems to have responded well. Phew!

The two adore each other and are practically inseparable. They manage a healthy dose of mischief when we are out, but nothing too bad. Yogi helps get things down from counters and shelves that BooBoo can’t reach yet, it’s too cute! They only tell each other off at mealtime when Yogi tries to steal some of BooBoo’s food. BooBoo holds his own!

Well, here’s an image from a recent walk, it’s become one of my favourites of the two them. It’s very much indicative of our walks and the two of them leading the way for Marty and I!

Yogi and BooBoo, our beautiful German Shepherds!
Yogi and BooBoo, our beautiful German Shepherds!

Have a GREAT day!


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    Love the photo!! :)

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