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the bridge…

I’ve been doing some spring cleaning of the electronic variety over the last week or so. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been by choice, but through necessity! It’s been nearly two years since I began my migration from a PC guru (my friends will attest to this) to the artist’s choice… the Apple Mac. I haven’t had the heart to kill off the PC and have had some files on it to refer back to. But, when I needed to get something from it the other day, it groaned and gasped and begrudgingly came to life with a LOT of coaxing from me. I decided it was time!

I got out an old hard drive and began the final migration of files from the PC to an external drive, files that will either make the cut and live on the Mac, or be deleted. The decision will come later. While it was copying files, I decided to start the cull. I have about 9 TB’s of drives on my desk at the moment, and all full. So, I thought I would try to get rid of some excess and repeats while I could. I can’t believe some of the images I came across, ones I’d forgotten about. I ended up having so much fun reminiscing! I will blog some images from time to time that I found. Some had some loving touches already, some have been archived and never looked at since. It should be fun to see what is in there!

the bridge…

I love landscape photography and have the most immense respect for those who capture our surroundings and their magic. I grew up in awe of Ansel Adams and dreamed of spending months photographing the national parks of North America. Now I live in Perth and Christian Fletcher has become one of my favourites. The vibrant colours of his images make me dream of becoming a landscape photographer. Then I wake up, knowing it’s not my strength. That’s ok! I still love trying to find that magic!

One of the images I found in my cleaning up of the PC was this one of a bridge near Augusta. I took it off the ski boat after a long run on the Blackwood. Marty had just finished one of his long barefoot runs on the river and as we waited for him to catch his breath I sat admiring my surroundings. I just love this bridge, and having a camera in my hand I felt compelled to take this photograph. It was the most peaceful morning with just the hint of fog floating atop the water. You couldn’t hear anything but the occasional bird and the slight breeze causing a ripple to appear on the water. I hope you enjoy it, and if you get a chance, go hide out in that part of the world! ;)

a bridge in the Augusta region
a bridge in the Augusta region

Have a GREAT day!


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