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Perth Wedding Photography | Engagement | Lisa and Joe

Lisa and Joe… the engagement shoot.

Mother Nature has been having a blast throwing some serious cold, wind and rain at us every time we booked in our pre-wedding shoot. We’d rescheduled several times and after the last had decided that come rain or shine we were catching up today for a fun shoot. We’d all watched the weather all week long wondering if we would get a break in the seriously fowl weather we’ve had in Perth. We’ve had things blowing around our back yard, and a carport that has seen better days. Marty had to do some serious repairs to it after the wicked winds we had.

Well, I must owe dear old Mother Nature some favours as she obliged us with some wonderful weather for today, it was even a tad warmer than I’d expected. What a pleasant surprise!

I woke up this morning very excited, my cameras have gathered some dust this week and I couldn’t wait to have some fun with the lovely couple. Marty dutifully packed our umbrellas in case the clouds rolled back in and we grabbed the cameras.

Well, here is a teaser from the shoot, one from me and one from the Martaay! Enjoy guys, we’ll have more for you in a few days time. Thanks for having so much fun with the shoot…

one of my favourite moments of the day...
one of my favourite moments of the day...
The beautiful Martaay caught this for us today...
Martaay's shot, I just love it!

Keep checking in guys… more to come, many more! Big hugs! ;)


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