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… the signing book

Wow! Where DID Winter go??? With all the tech changes going on around here we’ve managed to lose the end of Winter and somehow are still snowed under! (Pardon the pun, but it was too easy) ;)

So what are we are busy with now that we have launched the new site, moved the blog, moved the email, and switched all of our hosting are albums, you ask? By the way, as painful as it was to be on dial-up for two weeks, and as much work as it ended up being with the launch of the new site, it was all worth it! Thanks for all the kind words and patience as we upgrade both the business and the services we are offering our clients. We HUG you all! ;)

Well, we are working hard to get through the list of albums on order, as well as signing books that are needed for the weddings that are around the corner. We’ve had so much fun with recent engagement shoots and are excited that some of them will be available for the guests to sign at the reception. We feel they will be great keepsakes!

Here is the final layout for one of the books… Lisa and Joseph. We can’t wait to photograph your wedding, you guys are just gorgeous and your smiles are infectious! ;)

Don’t forget to try it in fullscreen…

[mbs slideshow=1]

Huge Hugs!


More to come as the blog to-do list is way long! ;)

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