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the wedding teaser…

Kendall & Kevin enjoying a moment together after the ceremony...
Kendall & Kevin enjoying a moment together after the ceremony...

Wow! 2010… ;)

Kendall & Kevin are two of the nicest people you could meet and we couldn’t wait to be a part of their wedding day… it was sure to be laid back to reflect the couple’s personalities! And it was… Blogs are funny things in that we have to reinvent ways to extol the wonderful qualities of our clients without it sounding redundant, or trivial. A break from blogging, or writing, is sometimes a good thing. It gives one a chance to reflect, rather than react to a wedding and our clients. I sit here snowed under in the middle of an Aussie Summer (I love the contradiction of images that resonates from these “polar” opposites)! But even with the mountain of work ahead of me I find myself pondering how lucky I am… I just love what I do! I just love where I am heading!

I’ve traveled the world and experienced some the most amazing things a world can offer you when you open yourself up to it! Years ago I had a decision to make, whether or not to stay in Perth. Staying or Going… there didn’t seem to be a right or wrong answer, and without yet knowing all the facts and ramifications of my decision, there was a “right answer”… I just hadn’t met him yet! And before I knew it that answer, that piece of the puzzle that I didn’t know existed, was destined to walk into my life. As I was making what seemed at the time like the biggest decision of my life, the love of my life was going about his daily life not even 2 kilometers away from me.

The other piece of that puzzle was my occupation… fondly known as my passion! ;) I’ve had a camera slung over my shoulder for over 20 years (yes, I’m an old fart), most of the time doing Professional Sports Photography. I had friends and colleagues who did weddings for an income, and I refused, simply, to do something without passion for a paycheck. What I didn’t know, what I hadn’t yet realised, was that wedding photography was to become a love… a passion. When I met Marty… (Scratch that…I can do better…)

One September day in 2005 the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on wandered into my shop, right through the front doors of an existence that was failing me, both financially and spiritually. That very moment is etched in my mind, not just because of the butterflies in my guts and the flutters of my heart, but for the passion that he would help me reignite! Several times over my adult life I have set my camera down, trying to find my calling, my occupation… simply put, trying to find the “real job” that everyone told me I had to find. No matter how long I left the camera in the corner, no matter the years that I neglected it, I can never remember it gathering dust. It patiently awaited my return.

We may never know the complete series of events that caused Marty to walk into my shop, grinning from ear to ear, making my heart skip beats. What I do know is that my life was forever changed for the better. I’ve never known someone to believe in me so staunchly. I’ve never known support for my passions like I’ve known from Marty. I’ve never known the truth of love as I know it with this man… it is simple and it is true.

So, why do I tell you this??? Weddings!

Why are we so busy??? Weddings!

In just over a month I will be marrying my muse. He inspires me and is only happy when I am doing what I love to do. He believes in me and believes in my happiness and has been strong and patient while I build my passion of wedding photography into a business. As I ponder my own wedding in February I also ponder all the weddings all around me and smile. I have found my future. I jot down in my blog how I love my clients, not because I have to, but because each of them is part of my passion. I love capturing the celebration and beauty of their love and how they choose to declare this love with their weddings. I hope that the images I capture scream out the love, fun and passion that defines each of my couples!

So, over the next few weeks, and hopefully, years you will hear me describe the most amazing clients… people… and friends. Rest assured, they are amazing and they are all very special to me. I thank each of you for letting me express myself… for letting me tell the story of your romance through my lens… for allowing me to define my occupation by my passion for it!

Here’s to 2010 weddings! ;) (4 weeks, 4 days and counting)

soon to be “mrs. m” of m&m

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