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a wedding photographer’s wedding | leap of faith

… 3 weeks and counting

I’ve never understood the concept of “cold feet” but I’ve never doubted its existence or reality for those that experience it. I understand it even less with my wedding peering over the horizon, grinning its big grin at me! With every moment that passes, and the number lessening of the days before I become mrs. m&m, I find myself struggling to restrain the GIANT cheshire cat-like grin that resides on my face. All I can think about is how my heart swells with pride at the mere thought of Marty (the martaay) being my husband. My chest wants to explode it feels so warmly filled with love and admiration for this man!

And so, with 3 weeks to go until the day, I post of the “leap of faith” that I so eagerly await. Faith, staunchly believing without tangible evidence, doesn’t seem the right term. Confirmation comes every day with the little things, and I thank him for every one. There is nothing, and nobody, that is perfect on this planet. And there are days where we ponder how to strangle the other without a prison term to follow… but then we laugh, hold hands and head back to our journey knowing we love each even more. This is what I treasure, the leap of faith is believing… knowing… that your someone loves you just as much as you love them, through everything. And so, here is to the leap of faith that is our wedding day… 3 weeks and counting.

Pet and Dog Photography by Michelle Dean
BooBoo kindly showcasing the leap for me!
Pet and Dog Photography by Michelle Dean
Pet and Dog Photography by Michelle Dean


3 thoughts on “a wedding photographer’s wedding | leap of faith”

  1. lauren waye says:

    love this so much michelle :)

  2. theBlog says:

    Thanks darlin’! ;)

  3. kyles says:

    leap away you two…simply can not wait! x

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