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Announcements | Wedding Workshop

… the countdown… I won’t be able to do many more of these, so bear with me! ;)

The first announcement is that one week from this very moment I will the official “Mrs. Marty B” and I am positively giddy with excitement… it’s bordering on ridiculous actually how excited I am for this to happen. A few years ago Marty strolled gently into my life, just as unassumingly as he always is, and made such an impact on me that my world would never be the same… in the best way imaginable! So, to all my friends who can share the day with us, we appreciate it. We hope it will be fun for you. To my dear friend JV, I can’t wait to see you and nothing is more important than having you at our wedding and sharing in the utter joy that is my world now! Remember that NOT having you here would impact on me more than you could imagine! To my friends around the globe that won’t be alongside us… I know you will be here in love and joy and we will feel your presence just the same. We love you in a way that time and distance cannot diminish!

An old friend used to say something all the time, and it feels like the perfect sentiment at the moment… here is to “Love, Laughter & Sunshine” for next Thursday… consider it a date! ;)


Announcement #2.

My dear friend and colleague Cathrin of “Cathrin D’Entremont Weddings” organises one of the most informational and beautiful evenings for Brides and Grooms that you will ever experience! The event is “The Wedding Workshop” and if you are planning a wedding, you cannot afford to miss this event!

The Wedding Workshop
The Wedding Workshop... One of the most informative workshops for Brides and Grooms!
The Wedding Workshop in Perth Australia.
The Wedding Workshop at Villa Kula

If you need more information, please visits the Wedding Workshop website or contact Cathrin.

Well, here is to weddings and the fun of getting married! If you would like assistance in organising your wedding day, you must contact Cathrin as she is one of the best in the business!

Have a GREAT day!


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