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Perth Wedding Expo | the Dusk Bridal Fair

… the Bridal Fair

Perth Wedding photography by Michelle Dean






Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

10th – 11th March 2012

9.30am until 5pm

More information can be found at their website. Click here to find out more! ;)

As we frantically prepare for our last minute inclusion in the 2012 Dusk Bridal Fair I think about the Expos we’ve done in the past and the amazing clients we’ve met through them. Each Expo brings us clients that we would not have met otherwise and getting to know them and share their journey is an amazing experience.

We can’t wait to meet you at the Dusk Bridal Fair. Bring your questions, your excitement and your wedding day plans. We would love to hear them!

If you need anything in the meantime send us an email or ring us on 0416 262 292.

Have a Great Day!




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