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Duxton Hotel Wedding Open Day | 20th May 2012 | Perth Wedding Photography


I hope everyone is enjoying this amazing weather. Marty and I were hoping you might take some time out of your Sunday (tomorrow) and come visit us at the Duxton’s Wedding Open Day from 11am until 4pm in the city. We’ll have albums and photos on display, and some smiles of course!

If you have been thinking of meeting us this would be a great chance for an informal “hello” and to see some other great vendors too!

And a fun image of us at work… mostly! ;)

perth wedding photography


Yes, I do “shoot” people… can you hear the Clint Eastwood western music in the background??? ;) If you see an American Truck with “I Shoot People” on the back window… yes… it is mine!

Come visit tomorrow if you can. If you can’t make this one, we’ll be at the Joondalup Open Day on the 24th of June…

Have a GREAT day!


One thought on “Duxton Hotel Wedding Open Day | 20th May 2012 | Perth Wedding Photography”

  1. Emma says:

    Now there’s some good looking roosters!!! *PHOTO BOMB* :D Thanks for sharing an amazing weekend with all of us. Em x

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