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Hi! I’m Michelle of Michelle Dean Photography and I’m so glad you stumbled into my blog! I live in Perth, Australia with my gorgeous husband, Marty, and our sometimes quirky German Shepherds, Yogi & BooBoo. Marty and I shoot weddings together and have been known to be smiling from ear to ear on regular occasions. If you see “m&m” anywhere, that’s us!

I’ve started this blog as a place where you can find images of my shoots, some news and announcements, and where you can catch up on my personal adventures, and the adventures of the m&m’s!

Leave us a comment! I LOVE comments! They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Well, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to have a FANTASTIC day! ;)

If you prefer to send me an email, or better yet, give me a ring, then here is how you find me…

web. www.michelledeanphotography.com
email. michelle@michelledeanphotography.com
mobile. 0416 262 292

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