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Perth Wedding Photography | Boadicea & Sean

the wedding…

I love writing about our weddings and our awesomely amazing clients but I struggle on this one. Not because I don’t have tons to say but because I’m trying to figure out just how to put into the words the HUGE grin I have on my face whenever I think about this particular wedding and this particular couple!

I’ve known Boadicea for a few years now and she always said she wanted Marty and I to photograph her wedding when the day came and I was so hoping that would be the case as Bo is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and she manages to inject a core happiness into everyone she meets! Her bubbly personality is infectious and you just want to get to know her!

I hadn’t met Sean until the week of the wedding when we did the site checks and he is her perfect match, grounded with a calming effect. I instantly liked him and I chuckled to myself because of how they remind me of Marty and I and how one perfectly balances the other… a sense of reason to the other’s craziness! I’ll let you guess which is the crazy one… ok, it’s me, but I’m told it’s a good crazy!

perth wedding michelle dean

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Perth Wedding Photography | Engaged in Mandurah | Caitlin & Ben


What an AWESOME time with Caitlin & Ben… they are simply one of the funnest couples we’ve spent time with! The gorgeous couple invited us down to photograph them just after Christmas and as if that wasn’t fun enough Ben’s family had us for lunch along the water and spoiled us with some Spanish delicacies. It was simply delightful and such great fun to catch up with Ben and his Mum who I’d the pleasure of getting to know at one of our fave weddings, Brooke and Jeff. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we did taking them!!!!

perth wedding michelle dean