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Hannah & Brian | Perth Wedding Photography | Engagement Sneak Peek


Ice cream, sunshine, amazing light and a gentle breeze blowing through the long grass…

Summer is on it’s way and there is no better way to feel that than to photograph one of our gorgeous wedding couples! Hannah & Brian wanted an engagement shoot which we will turn into a Guest Signing Book for them to use at their wedding reception. We waited for the rains to leave Perth for our shoot and happened to pick an amazing day. The Rockingham foreshore was chosen as it’s an important area for both of them and even with the hoards of people that turned out to bask in the sun it was a perfect choice.

It’s been quiet on the m&m front but I do love having some time off from photography so the creative juices can be re-booted and areas that you know well you manage to see in a completely different light than before. As wedding season gets underway I’m reminded of how very much I love this job and our clients. We are in awe of the trust you put in us and letting us capture your relationship and celebrations with our own creative flair.

Thanks to you both for being such fun, we can’t wait for the wedding!

perth wedding and lifestyle photography by michelle dean
lifestyle photography, the Engagements, the Photography, the Weddings, wedding photography, wedding photography perth

Bec & Selwin | Engaged

…pre-wedding photo shoot and the “poo-couple”. (story to come)

Tomorrow is the wedding of Bec & Selwin and I have to say, I can’t wait for it. I’m so excited in fact, that I wanted to put up a few of the photos we got earlier in the week. Both of them were in the bridal party of a wedding I photographed a couple of seasons ago, and they were a blast on the day. When they rang to come and see me I was so happy. There is a song I love that talks about “smiling happy people” and these two definitely qualify. I was pretty tired on Monday from being on my feet all day on Sunday at the Expo so I wasn’t my usual bouncy self, but it’s impossible to not have fun and find a second wind with this gorgeous couple.

We wandered around Perth to find a couple of alleyways that we liked and had the most casual session, it was great. We’re going to hit some of the same spots tomorrow for some fun. Bec wants some rain, and I’m not liking her chances, so we’ve threatened to bring some squirtguns so she has some showers on the day! ;)

I have to tell a story on why this couple will forever be known as the poo-couple. Trust me, it’s a term of endearment. As we finished up on Monday with the photos we were standing along the street chatting about the details of the wedding day. From the corner of my eye I noticed a bird flying past me performing a hard bank to the left just about head height. About the point that it was 15 or so feet in front of me and veering out of sight I felt a slight slap to the nape of my neck. I couldn’t believe it… I immediately knew that I’d been hit by bird poo, and sure enough there was a blob of slimy poo on the back of my neck. The precision of the “bombing” was enviable, especially considering the sharp banking it was manoeuvring at the time of discharge!

I have this image of a group of birds sitting together taking bets on who can dive-bomb and hit the silly photographer, and then cracking up when they see it smack into the back of my head. I picture feathers flying, maybe even one bird laughing so hard that it’s hanging upside down with sides splitting. My only concern is… we’re shooting there again tomorrow. I’m going to check if the bullseye is still on the back of my head before we head out, I might even go and get my hair cut just to be sure! ;)

Guys… I can’t wait for tomorrow and I know it’s going to be an amazing day, even if it doesn’t rain! ;)

Huge hugs for your wedding!

Engagement, pre-wedding shoot by Michelle Dean Photography.
Engagement, pre-wedding shoot by Michelle Dean Photography.
Engagement, pre-wedding shoot by Michelle Dean Photography.
Site of bird attack... although I have to admit that it was a great shot! ;)
Engagement, pre-wedding shoot by Michelle Dean Photography.
Engagement, pre-wedding shoot by Michelle Dean Photography.
See you tomorrow guys!

Have a great night guys, tomorrow will be awesome!


lifestyle photography, the Photography, the Weddings, wedding photography, wedding photography perth

Announcements | Wedding Workshop

… the countdown… I won’t be able to do many more of these, so bear with me! ;)

The first announcement is that one week from this very moment I will the official “Mrs. Marty B” and I am positively giddy with excitement… it’s bordering on ridiculous actually how excited I am for this to happen. A few years ago Marty strolled gently into my life, just as unassumingly as he always is, and made such an impact on me that my world would never be the same… in the best way imaginable! So, to all my friends who can share the day with us, we appreciate it. We hope it will be fun for you. To my dear friend JV, I can’t wait to see you and nothing is more important than having you at our wedding and sharing in the utter joy that is my world now! Remember that NOT having you here would impact on me more than you could imagine! To my friends around the globe that won’t be alongside us… I know you will be here in love and joy and we will feel your presence just the same. We love you in a way that time and distance cannot diminish!

An old friend used to say something all the time, and it feels like the perfect sentiment at the moment… here is to “Love, Laughter & Sunshine” for next Thursday… consider it a date! ;)


Announcement #2.

My dear friend and colleague Cathrin of “Cathrin D’Entremont Weddings” organises one of the most informational and beautiful evenings for Brides and Grooms that you will ever experience! The event is “The Wedding Workshop” and if you are planning a wedding, you cannot afford to miss this event!

The Wedding Workshop
The Wedding Workshop... One of the most informative workshops for Brides and Grooms!
The Wedding Workshop in Perth Australia.
The Wedding Workshop at Villa Kula

If you need more information, please visits the Wedding Workshop website or contact Cathrin.

Well, here is to weddings and the fun of getting married! If you would like assistance in organising your wedding day, you must contact Cathrin as she is one of the best in the business!

Have a GREAT day!