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Hannah & Brian | Perth Wedding Photography | Engagement Sneak Peek


Ice cream, sunshine, amazing light and a gentle breeze blowing through the long grass…

Summer is on it’s way and there is no better way to feel that than to photograph one of our gorgeous wedding couples! Hannah & Brian wanted an engagement shoot which we will turn into a Guest Signing Book for them to use at their wedding reception. We waited for the rains to leave Perth for our shoot and happened to pick an amazing day. The Rockingham foreshore was chosen as it’s an important area for both of them and even with the hoards of people that turned out to bask in the sun it was a perfect choice.

It’s been quiet on the m&m front but I do love having some time off from photography so the creative juices can be re-booted and areas that you know well you manage to see in a completely different light than before. As wedding season gets underway I’m reminded of how very much I love this job and our clients. We are in awe of the trust you put in us and letting us capture your relationship and celebrations with our own creative flair.

Thanks to you both for being such fun, we can’t wait for the wedding!

perth wedding and lifestyle photography by michelle dean
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… a perth wedding photographer hiding in the landscape …

… Greetings from 2009… one last shot! ;)

a Xmas sunset…

For those that don’t know, Marty and I are getting married ourselves in 2010. Our favourite spot, and one that holds many, MANY fond memories is this little lake in Baldivis. It is where we hide from the world. Where we gather with close friends to waterski. It is where we laugh the most. We spent Xmas this year with the dogs at this lake and Mother Nature adorned the lake on the eve of Christmas with this amazing sunset. No decorations could have rivaled it!

Memories are made and I can’t wait to make more of them together with my beautiful Martaay and our gorgeous dogs! Here’s to many more amazing sunsets and memories being made at this very spot…

The amazing sunset on Christmas 2009 at our favourite place in Perth.
The amazing sunset on Christmas 2009 at our favourite place in Perth.

We hope all of you had an amazing 2009, and that you have many brilliant memories to come in 2010!

Love and Hugs!

m&m (and the boys)